Friday, December 10, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

I hate that I decide to take a nap, fall asleep for about 20 minutes, and then wake up and can’t go back to sleep. I think the whole “power nap” theory is a crock. I don’t feel better. My brain just works too much.

So, instead of taking a nice nap with my fuzzy new Christmas blanket, I’ll write a blog. I’ll title it: Things About Me You Didn’t Need to Know!

1. I wish I was taking a nap.
2. I used to be a dog person. After I had kids, I didn’t want a dog. Dogs are so needy, and I don’t need anything else needing me.
3. I’ve lived in my house for over 3 years, and I’ve never hung the first picture on the walls. I take thousands of pictures, and I don’t hang them up.
4. I secretly listen to the High School Musical soundtracks.
5. I hate wearing socks.
6. I have only shaved my legs about once every 2 weeks since the end of October. What’s the point?
7. I get somewhat offended when someone tells me my style is “unique” or, “I could never pull that off!” I think it’s a backhanded compliment, and you’re basically telling me I’m weird and you’d never be stupid enough to wear what I’m wearing.
8. I hate almost all of Amy Grant’s Christmas songs, but I especially loathe her version of “Sleigh Ride”. When she yells “Yoo Hoo!”, it makes me want to punch things.
9. I’m obsessed with literary analogies and metaphors, especially about nature. My brain is always thinking of them. I don’t ever like to share them or write them down- they’re so very Anne Shirleyesque, and I don’t want to be laughed at.
10. If I’m mad at you, chances are you’ll never, ever know.
11. I’m really, really bad at sharing. I hate it, actually. I don’t want to share- go get your own.
12. I felt called to go to Africa when I was about 14, but I decided I didn’t want to. I rarely thought of it again until this past year, and now I would give almost anything to get there, even though I’m terrified. There. I’ve never told anyone that before.
13. I’ve never dreamed of living in the country. No thank you.
14. I’m very bad at motivating myself to do things I don’t want to do, ie: laundry, dishes, waking up early, taking a shower when it’s cold.
15. I only like candles that smell like baking things, unless it’s a Christmasy candle.
16. I hate summer and winter. I don’t like extreme temperatures. I don’t want it to get any hotter than 85 or any colder than 50.
17. I don’t wear black and gray and white because I’m depressed or trying to be emo or whatever. I wear them because I genuinely like the colors, and I don’t like bright clothes.
18. I read books I like over and over. I don’t get tired of them, and I don’t understand people who don’t reread.
19. I don’t want to turn 30.
20. I talk to myself in a British accent.
21. If I ever have the money to get a boob job, I will. So don’t be shocked or anything.
22. I’ve been changing diapers almost every day for the past 7 years, 3 weeks, and 1 day. That’s very, very depressing.
23. I don’t want to live in an old house really, but I’d love to live in a house that looks like an old house.
24. When I’m talking, I spell the words in my head.
25. I don’t like having long nails.
26. Total silence hurts my ears.
27. I know I don’t get enough sleep, but when bedtime comes I always convince myself I can use less. Sleeping feels like such a waste of “me” time.
28. I own four green towels, all in different shades. Only one of them was originally mine. I don't know where I acquired the others.
29. I have an unholy horror of dressing in American flag colors. You'll never see me wearing red, white, and blue, even if it's jeans, on purpose.
30. The smell of Pampers diapers makes my Mom hormones go into overdrive.
31. I almost erased this whole blog because it’s so pointless.


  1. It is NOT pointless. I love that you 'shared' so many of your deep, dark feelings. I also share quite a few of them with you. I am so proud to be your auntie. I love you! <3

  2. UGH! I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff here, tried to post it, then realized I spelled something wrong and lost ALL of it. O.o

    My friend and I in high school would talk to each other in British accents all the time.
    I'd skip the boobs and go straight for laser hair removal. James knows that if we ever come into money that is getting done immediately.
    If I ever had to spell out all the words that I was speaking, I would probably never talk. Or perhaps I would just speak like a Dick and Jane book.
    Never, ever have I intended to give you a backhanded compliment. There is more I'd like to say but I feel like I'd be digging myself into a hole.
    I can not wait until we are in Africa! XD
    Those 3 green towels? They're mine.
    Please tell me if you are ever mad at me. I'll probably cry but that's okay.

  3. I've never been mad at you. Not even annoyed. :P
    I think one of the towels was my mom's, and one was my brother's. I'm not sure where the third one came from.

    And LMAO at talking like Dick and Jane. xD

  4. Totally and completely agree with 18 and 27.