Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Late Night Indulgence

I'm not much of a TV watcher. If I do turn it on, it's usually as background noise while I read after the kids are in bed. What can I say? My whole life has been noisy. Silence makes me nervous.

But I'm not going to lie. When I was flipping through channels a week or so ago, looking for suitable white noise, and I inadvertently landed on The Nanny, a squeal bubbled in my throat from the region of my estrogen laced brain. Don't judge me. I. LOVE. The Nanny. I watched it every Monday night from the ages of 10-16 (ish). And when I found it on Lifetime when Ashton was about a year old, I watched it twice a day, every weekday (along with Dawson's Creek, but we won't get into that...).

So now, instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I rush Jeremy to bed by 11 so I can stay up until midnight to watch my show. The other night, he asked me to scratch his back so he could fall asleep. At 10:52. I gave him 8 minutes exactly. So wrong. So depraved. But I couldn't help myself.

On top of that I've gotten sucked into Three's Company because it comes on right after The Nanny, with no commercial break. And once it starts I can't turn it off. Stupid charming John Ritter. Stupid Three's Company song getting stuck in my head for 4 days.

And even though I know I'll regret it every morning when I have to wake up, I convince myself every night that it's worth it.

Well? It is. Even though I might not think so when my alarm goes off in six hours.


  1. They have got to have Three's Company on DVD by now. Right? I think I need it.

  2. Found yer blog! ^_^ It was easy since you, y'know, posted it on your FB. Glad to hear Three's Company is still keeping it's charm!
    - Mandy

  3. ^_^ And now I found yours too! Stalking incoming....