Monday, April 11, 2011

Feel Sorry For Me

Atleigh has contracted some sort of stomach bug. I've been puked on three times in as many days. Twice in my cupped palms. This weekend has sucked. I thought the puking was done- none at all yesterday or all day today- until tonight, when I tried to get her to eat a banana. Incidentally, all she has eaten since Friday night is: 3 pizza rolls (which ended up on my pants), a handful of mini saltine crackers, a cup of applesauce, 5 bites of a waffle, and said banana. She ate about two thirds of it before she bit off too much. I suppose her gag reflex was sensitive, because as soon as I realized she was struggling, and tried to "swipe" it from her mouth, she vomited. Into my hands. Chewed up banana. Lovely. Freaking. Lovely. Couple that with a fever ranging between 101 and almost 104, and you could say that the past few days have been far from ideal. Thankfully the fever broke this morning. Now if I can only convince her that food does not equal poison and vomiting.

I'm saying all this so you'll feel sorry for me. Do you?


  1. hahah! Your right Mary, your kids always get sick with J is gone :/