Friday, May 20, 2011

A Disconnect

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged, even longer than usual for me. I can’t really describe my reasons for holding back... the only phrase I can come up with is “a disconnect”. I get in these moods, which, while not what I would really call a depression, are enough to bring me low and cause intense apathy. I just haven’t had the emotional energy to write. Even while I’m typing this, I’ve almost deleted it three times. In the first paragraph. Mostly because if I start writing something, I have to finish it. Don’t feel like it. But I’ll push through.

So anyway. I’m listening to AccuRadio’s “Hey Hey, We’re the Sixties” playlist. One complaint (well not one- one of MANY) I have about the area I live in, is we don’t have any decent Oldies stations. We used to have a great one, which got replaced by R & B. Recently I found out that one station has switched to “The greatest hits from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s” which is... acceptable, but not good enough. I want some Beatles and Monkees and Turtles (Ha- The Turtles just came on) and Herman’s Hermits and Dylan and America and The Temptations... don’t muddy the waters with Styx and Van Morrison. Just give me some good OLD Oldies, folks. I mean, aren’t there enough old people in our area to constitute at least one station? Lucky for me, I don’t live in the era whose music I love so much, so I can use the internet to listen to it.

This weekend starts our official beginning of summer. Today was Ashton’s last day of school. I’ve been counting down to this for 2 months. I used to hate the summer months- I can’t stand the heat. But since Ashton has started school I appreciate summer more. There’s something about the late nights, the sticky heat and fireflies that is so much better when you know it’s only temporary. I’m embracing this summer with open arms, even though I know it will be gone before I know it. The next few weeks will be spent in a flurry of preparation for our family vacation to Disney World in a few weeks. I won’t lie- I love Disney World with a squee-worthy love. The first time I went (at the age of 23), and saw Cinderella’s castle through the monorail window, I teared up. It’s true. I’m not an overt Mickey fan- meaning I don’t wear Disney paraphernalia or decorate my house in it. But there really is something so magical about Disney World. They make everything special.

This is all I can manage for tonight. Boring drivel, but a start. If you have faith in me, stay tuned- I’m sure I’ll rejoin the world soon enough.

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  1. I am in complete agreement on the issue of an oldies station. The station you mentioned that has recently chained their format is the one we listen to at work. We use to complain about it playing the same 15 songs everyday. But I have totally been digging the new format. I loved 95.7 (that was the oldies station, right?) when I was a kid.
    Glad you are pushing through. I've missed you. <3