Monday, July 11, 2011

Hat Trick

Last summer, I took some photos of Ashton wearing an Army issue boonie hat (he won it at a VBS, of all places)... it epitomized summer for me (well, my memories of summer, which are heavily tainted with "boy" games, being surrounded by four brothers), seeing this six year old man child racing around in the middle of a "battle", clutching his Nerf gun, with his face covered in war paint. I loved the photos so much that I made copies and gave them to both of my veteran grandfathers.

This summer, just for fun, I took Chloe outside to model in the same hat- minus the war paint, because obviously, princesses do NOT wear war paint. And of course, after Chloe modeled, Atleigh had to model as well, although her brand of modeling is vastly different from Chloe's. While Chloe preens and makes goo goo eyes at the camera, Atleigh is more of what my dad would call a "space cadet": "Oh, Mommy! I see a plane! Look, Mommy! There's our house (it was 10 paces behind me- at least she doesn't miss the obvious)!"

Anyway, here are a few photos of my little Army brats. I just thought they were fun. :)

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