Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take Notice, 2012

We’re on a downhill roll from the holidays... we’re almost at the bottom. We’ve had birthday after birthday, holiday after holiday, followed by more birthdays after birthdays... Now we just have one more to get through before we can settle into the new year. Jeremy will be turning the big 33 in a few days (it’s not really big... I just didn’t know what other way to describe it. The crucifixion year?).

So 2011 is done. I can’t say that I’m upset about it. It was actually kind of a difficult year, especially the beginning and end. It started and ended with tears, with a lot of really bad and really good moments in between. I suppose that can be said of any year. But 2011 has wrung me dry. I feel about as alive as a dirty dishcloth.

Here’s what I’m expecting from 2012:

New life.
We’re already off to a good start. My beloved friend Maggie just had a baby boy, whom I cannot wait to cuddle silly. He is a fulfillment of God’s unwavering grace and faithfulness. There are just no words to describe how good our God is. But I don’t just mean physical life... I’m believing God to breathe new life into me, into my marriage, my family, my relationships, my job. After last month, I’m sorely in need.

New vision.
Our lives took a big turn last year when we went into full time ministry. I’m expecting God to “stretch our tent stakes” even further. Stretching isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary for healthy growth, so I’m trying to ready myself.

New travels.
Family vacations, anniversaries, girls’ weekend getaways, and (with God’s help) a trip to Africa. I’m going to invest in luggage, Dramamine, and journals.

New friends.
Well. I’ll work on that one. I’m not so great at the friend making thing. That will require more stretching on my part.

New music.
Confession time. Chloe has recently caught Bieber fever. I won’t lie. I think I have too. However, I won’t just stick to J. Biebs. I’m open to any and all new music. My iTunes wishlist is currently hovering around $200. I will gladly accept any and all donations to support my music addiction.

New clients.
My friend Missy and I launched our own photography business last year. I didn’t realize how many clients we had acquired until Christmas came around and we began making ornaments for each of them. But next year we’ll be more prepared, so bring it on, potential clients! You won’t regret it, because, truth be told, we are amazing.

New joy.
I expect to laugh. A lot. Maybe at jokes. Maybe at myself. Maybe at you. We’ll see.

New resolve.
Here’s a new word I’ve learned from 2011. NO. N-O. That’s right. And I plan on saying it more. If you happen to be on the receiving end of my NO at some point this year, accept my apologies in advance. But, for some strange reason, I find I value my family, my health, and above all, my sanity, more than being all to all. I simply am incapable of it. So from now on, I refuse to try.

I hope, that when I sit at my computer this time next year, I can look back on 2012 without this bone deep weariness that’s on me now. I know there will be sorrows, seasons will end, doors will close. I’m not unrealistic. Just, for once, optimistic.

What do you expect from 2012?

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  1. I love you Mary. Your blog always makes me smile, laugh out loud ir cry. This time I laughed. At the part where you will probably laugh at me.