Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Many Little Days

The favorite part of my week is my two days off that I get to spend with Atleigh. Having been a stay at home mom for all of my babies up until this time last year, this new normal has gotten to me. The older two kids are gone all day at school, so I can tell myself I'm not missing out on anything on workdays; but Atleigh... I miss her. Knowing that she’s at home, and I’m not with her like I was with Ashton and Chloe, well- it’s a little wrenching. So we make the most of our Mondays and Tuesdays when it’s just the two of us. My little Mini-Me and I. I savor every moment with her charming, quirky little self. Some days we sleep in, waking up next to each other in the bed slowly (she always ends up in our bed sometime during the night), and planning our day. Some of those days we just go walk around Target or Michael’s, creating impossible wish lists. Some days we drive around with the windows down, blaring Justin Beiber like we're 6th graders. Some days we stay at home and watch movies, have picnics on the living room floor, play games. All days we laugh.

Today Atleigh and I went on a leaf hunting adventure, taking along my camera. Here are some of the photos we took while we meandered along our street, picking up leaves that caught our fancy, savoring the cooler weather and overcast skies. True, I had to bribe her with Halloween Oreos to get her to wear the scarf, and to get her to stand next to the rope that she swore up and down was a rattlesnake. But we had fun. We always have fun on our little days together.

 She demanded payment for scarf wearing, and ate her cookies in front of the camera.

 I did NOT tell her to pose like this. I don't know where she got a hold of an Olan Mills catalog.


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