Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For a Friend

This is for the friend that I met in Bob Kennedy’s second grade Sunday School class.

This is for the friend who knows who my first crush was (and would never tell... probably because she had a crush on him too).

This is for the friend who never said anything about my dubious fashion sense in the sixth grade. Although I’m not really sure I should thank her for that.

This is for the friend who stayed up all night with me, telling jokes, talking boys, crafting soap opera worthy futures, and designing “The Most Beautiful Dresses In The World!”

This is for the friend who didn’t slap me when she said, in reference to her then current boyfriend, that they “had so much in common! I hate watermelon candy and HE hates watermelon candy!”, and I laughed in her face.

This is for the friend who held me when I cried broken hearted tears over a guy, while telling me that he wasn’t worth it in the first place.

This is for the friend who gave me my first "tattoo".

This is for the friend who gave me a french mani-pedi the night before my wedding, and cooked biscuits for me the morning of the big day... even if I only ate half of one.

This is for the friend who held my hand (and possibly a leg) during both of my daughters’ births.

 This is for the friend who looked at my bare toes the other day, and said, "I just had a flashback to when we were kids, sitting on your bedroom floor." A true friend has known your toes your whole life.

This is for the friend who has known me longest; at my worst, and I hope, will know me at my best... although I’m still working to get there.

This is for the friend who I said goodbye to tonight. The one who is crossing over to her own “Promised Land”.

This is for you, Friend:

Always remember, I’m here for you.

Always remember, I love you.

Always remember, any tears we've shed are counted, and are well worth it.

And always remember, after 20 years, countless laughs, fights, hugs and high fives, closet raiding, and secrets, what’s a few thousand miles?


  1. tears... those are the best kinds of friends! love you both!

  2. Both of you may have already noticed this but I just noticed something. From the time that I met both of you almost 7 years ago, you have both spoken about the calling on your families lives. And how awesome is it that both of you are getting to walk into your own promise land. At the same time. And not only that but you had a glimpse of the promise land around the same time. I know that there will be heartache at the distance between you guys. And I know that although these are exciting times in each of your own lives, it is also a little scary. Scary to be taking that leap of faith. But I also know that your hearts will be overflowing with happiness for the other at seeing their God-dreams come true.
    I love you both and I am praying for each of you as you takes these leaps. <3

  3. You scared me. When I read about her "crossing over to her own 'Promised Land'."!!! After wiping my own tears, I read your post on fb to realize she was MOVING. <3