Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomorrow's Steps

This week marks a big step for our family. Tomorrow is Jeremy’s last time working his “day job”. After that, he officially has a career. Not just any career. A calling. A calling he has been waiting to fulfill for 10 years. My husband is the new worship leader for Genesis Ministry.

Tomorrow ends the morning search for work jeans, and trying to decide which of the two pairs has the smallest hole beneath the belt loops. The holes in both jeans are big enough for me to put my fist through.

Tomorrow ends dingy t-shirts that advertise fence and deck companies, Busch Gardens shows, and, my especial foe that I have been trying to burn for 6 years, a powder blue Ezekiel Skateboard Co. shirt with orange and white down the sleeves.

Tomorrow ends shoes with the soles ripping off, work boots with paint scuffs on them, and ladders on top of a truck. Tomorrow ends worrying about him working in 100º weather in August, and 18º weather in January. Tomorrow ends rainy weeks cutting our income in half.

Tomorrow begins a pastor and a church who believe in us. Who see something in Jeremy that’s been there all along. Who know we're not perfect, and make no pretense at perfection themselves (thank God for that!).

Tomorrow begins Jeremy getting paid to do something he’s passionate about.

Tomorrow begins a place to call “home” for our little family of orphans.

Tomorrow begins a little piece of a promise made 10 years ago. A step that has been a long time growing; a long time hurting, making mistakes and learning; a long time being angry and faithless and doubting; a long time coming.

And tomorrow, it’s finally here.


  1. Oh man... I am SO STOKED for you guys... Fear not tomorrow, God is already there!!! I just posted this on my fb... we're in sync, I swear it. <3

  2. We really are in sync! I saw that post earlier and didn't even think of the connection when I wrote this. Love that God synced us all by Himself. :D

  3. Oh this is SO SO wonderful!!!! :) This makes my heart SO happy:)