Friday, March 11, 2011


My favorite app on my iPod is a game called Whirly Word. It’s an anagram game, and I am hooked. There are 6 letters on a little wheel, all scrambled up, and you have to find as many words as you can using the letters. This isn’t a recent obsession either. It was one of the first apps I got when I got my iPod Touch a year ago. Thankfully there are updates for the game every few months, because I’ve gone through some of the words over and over.

I play it in bed at night, listening to Bedtime With the Beatles, until I fall asleep. Some may argue that falling asleep with earbuds in can be dangerous. They’re probably right. But it’s a surefire way to keep me from thinking. I keep playing until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Jeremy doesn’t understand my addiction- he’s not much of a letter monger, he’s more of an Angry Birds type guy.

I know I’m falling asleep when I spell words like “APED” but pronounce it “A-PED” in my head. One time I spelled “BIBLE” on accident, not even paying attention, but my brain saw it as “BEEB-LAY”. I thought, “What the crap is a Beeb-lay?!” When I start to drift into dreaming, all while trying to stay awake and play, I get resentful of the letters. It’s true. I don’t understand what this is about, but I think I have deep rooted letter issues that make themselves known in my in-between state. I feel sorry for K and J because they don’t get used enough, especially when there’s a D or something in there. I get mad at S for being before T in the alphabet because I feel like T is a more important letter. And then sometimes I wonder if S feels cheap because it’s just used as a tack-on to turn words into plural.

I’ve played this game so much that I can’t even get on my high score board anymore. I have to find over 1300 words just to make it fifth place. I know I can clear the records- but why would I want to do that? All of my Whirly Word achievements gone, with the touch of a finger. No thank you. I’ll just keep working harder. I’ll keep pushing my way back to the top.

Here are some words from my beloved Whirly Word that you can solve. See if you can find all the anagrams (No two letter or “inappropriate” words).





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