Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Match Point

I think I’ve said before that a lot of times Jeremy and I argue just for the sake of arguing. Don’t ask me why... it’s just something we’ve always done. Even back when we were friends, we argued constantly. It’s just a habit of ours to disagree, I suppose.

Sometimes we laugh and holler about it... sometimes we get heated. Almost all real arguments start with the phrase, “You wanna bet?!”, followed by a prompt Google search. This is a surefire way to get us rolling, because 9 times out of 10, we do, in fact, wanna bet. Not that we have anything to bet; mostly it’s “a million dollars”, or, in my more dramatic case, “my entire existence”. Since this past Sunday, here are a few of the things we have argued about:

1. If crack cocaine is, or is not, an expensive habit. Jt said no; I said yes. We based our argument on how much money per week one would spend on it. According to (don’t ask me why there’s a website for this sort of thing... I can’t answer that. Also, don’t ask me why caffeine and chocolate are listed with drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, and meth), crack cocaine goes for an average price of $45.00 for 1 gram. Jeremy insists that this is not expensive. I say that if you have a habit of abusing crack cocaine, then yes, this could indeed get expensive. Assuming you used a couple of grams every few days, it has the potential to cost at least $90 a week. He offered to go out and find some crack addicts for me, and ask them if they thought their habit was expensive. I declined. In the end, he was forced to agree with me in that, if I myself took up crack cocaine, it would be out of our budget, thereby proving that it is an expensive habit. Mary- 1. Jeremy- 0.

2. Stemming off of the crack cocaine argument, we argued over whether marijuana is more expensive than crack cocaine. He said yes; I said no. He told me that people spend way more on pot than on crack. I conceded that while that may be true, I wouldn’t believe that marijuana actually cost MORE than crack. He promptly followed with, “Wanna bet?!”, so naturally, I returned to our trusty, and looked up the going price for marijuana, which is listed as $55.00 for 3.5 grams. Jeremy was momentarily triumphant, seeing the bottom line... until I pointed out that pot was only $10 more for more than 3 times as much as you get with crack. Mary- 2. Jeremy- 0.

3. Whether or not the mess and clutter in our bedroom was my fault or his. This became one of our “heated” debates. I maintained that 70% of the clothes on the floor were his; he lashed back, saying that the reason that his clothes were on the floor was because I had allowed Chloe’s clothes to take over his dresser (I’ve told you before how small our house is... we have to share space). He won that argument, but not easily. Mary- 2. Jeremy- 1.

4. Whether Ashton’s Little League hat was smaller than Jeremy’s coach’s hat. I said that Ashton’s was smaller, Jeremy said they were one size fits all. My argument was that earlier in the week I had put both hats together on top of the piano, fitting Ashton’s inside of Jeremy’s. I told him that the brim on Ashton’s was shorter. When we found Ashton’s hat (which he had since buried in a couch cushion somehow) I was all prepared to be smug... however, Jeremy simply adjusted the Velcro strap on Ashton’s hat to match his, and yes... they were the same size. Mary- 2. Jeremy- 2.

So here we are on Wednesday, tied. I think that my victories are more significant, since I have Google research to back my claims. Jeremy thinks his common sense in the hat business should count for 2 points. Wanna bet on who wins this argument?

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  1. XD
    And if I can chime in on the cocaine debate. I know someone who has a loved one that just went into rehab. She had a $1000 a week habit. I would say that $1000 a week is expensive.