Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I'm a proud mama tonight. I'd like to say I am every night, but I'm also an honest mama... so I know it would be a lie to say that I am enthusiastically proud of 100% of my kids' activities 100% of the time. But, tonight I am. 
My Bubba played his first Little League ballgame tonight. Unfortunately, they didn't win. Fortunately, it took Ashton a few hours to really let it sink in, and he didn't start sulking until about 10pm, at which time I put him to bed. He is so intense. He takes himself so seriously. 
According to Jeremy (who swears he is unbiased in this point), Ashton is one of the best players on the team, especially given the fact that he has never played on a team before. I can see this about him... he has always been focused, and it showed on the field tonight. Other kids were staring into space, zoning out... and Ashton was completely invested the whole game. Of course, he was on 3rd base, which is normally a hot spot; but in coach pitch, where the kids are just starting, the ball rarely even made it to 3rd base. Poor Ashton was so ready to do his part, waving his glove in the air, and at one point even throwing his hat on the ground, getting frustrated every time a player got past him because he never got the ball. He told me he never even got nervous, but just that his "heart was beating" when it was his turn to bat.

Anyway, this is strictly a bragging blog. Some of you may believe that since his team lost, I have nothing to really brag about.

Who can look at him and tell me I don't have a reason to brag?

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