Thursday, July 28, 2011


As you probably read in my last blog, Jeremy and I left right after church on Sunday for our little getaway. Well, when I say “right after” I mean we started to get ready to leave right after church. We had to stop for wine. And for ice. And for lunch. And for me to use the bathroom. So by the time we got on the road, it was probably over an hour “right after” church. The drive wasn’t long... or at least, it didn’t seem so. Except for when he made me listen to Alice in Chains. And when he sang along and air drummed (while driving) to Stone Temple Pilots for a SOLID. HOUR. After that I drew the line. If he refused to listen to Death Cab for Cutie, then I refused to listen to Stone Temple Pilots. We had to meet somewhere in the middle. So we ended up listening to The Beach Boys and hollering at the top of our lungs. But my favorite part of the drive by far was when he prank called me using an app on his phone. When I picked up, thinking it was my mother in law, and said “Hello?”, this is what I heard (without the video, of course) :

For some reason, that silly little thing made my day. I laughed till I cried. It touched me that he would prank call me and use one of my favorite Potter Puppet Pals songs. I just reread that. “It touched me that he would prank call me”. Well... I never claimed our relationship was typical.

When we finally got to the cabin, around 7 that night, we were exhausted and starving. We had stopped at Wal-Mart on the way to pick up some groceries, so after we peeked around a little:

Some of the things INSIDE the cabin

(and discovered that the cabin was without air conditioning- thank God the weather was cool!), we starting making dinner. It’s strange how something as simple as cooking dinner together can be so much better when it’s only for 2 people. I didn’t have to make chicken nuggets or pizza. I didn’t have to search out and fill juice cups. I did, however, stab myself in the hand with a shish kebob skewer. Repeatedly. After about the 4th time Jeremy heard me say “ouch”, he took over for me. He’s chivalrous like that. We stayed out on the deck while he grilled out:

The dangerous dinner my hero saved me from

This picture made me giggle. I told JT it was the two of us.
I, of course, am the tall, willowy one on the right.

just taking in our surroundings and breathing in air that didn't have any "ozone level" warnings attached to it:

Some of the things OUTSIDE the cabin 
Our neighbor for the night. I named him Blanket.
But Jeremy said we should call him Flipper. O.o

The night wasn’t eventful. We just ate dinner, sat in the hot tub for awhile and stargazed, and then watched a movie until we passed out. But it was perfect. It was just what we needed- a little reconnection. Our lives are so busy that sometimes it seems like our paths barely intersect. It was nice to look at each other and think, “Hey... this is actually the person I married.”

Stay tuned, I’ll be telling more about our adventures, and posting more pictures!

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