Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Favorites

It’s finally, finally fall! I wait for this season all year. No other season can equal autumn and its smells, tastes, weather, wardrobe... Fall’s got it all.

For me, fall means a lot of things. It means flip flops AND my favorite pair of jeans. It means dark painted toenails and- if I’m feeling sassy- fingernails. It means scarves and cardigans, leggings and hats, Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Bowl (when I was pregnant with Atleigh, I went there twice a week. Twice a week!! To eat pasta! Not just any pasta- ALL YOU CAN EAT PASTA. If I ever wondered how I gained those seven pounds in one month...), open windows, pumpkin EVERYTHING. It starts off the family round of birthdays: Atleigh in October, followed by Halloween, Ashton in November, followed by Thanksgiving, then Chloe in January (this isn't including non-immediate family birthdays. If we count my family and Jeremy's, we have 12 birthdays between September and January). And most of all, fall brings Christmas! Argue all you want... we all know the majority of the “holiday season” actually takes place in the fall. And since I’ve already said once that I don’t love Christmas half so much as I love the season leading up to it, I make the most of that season. Christmas music is already on my iPod, Christmas movies in a box next to the TV. Now, I won't force it on all of you just yet... but if you think I haven't already set up a Christmas playlist for this blog, then you are gravely mistaken.

Here are a few of my fall favorites:

I don't drink coffee. So I rarely have a need for Starbucks. Except in the fall.

 My sister and I just found these at Target this week. Um. Wow.

I wear a lot of scarves. Although the top one is the way I wear them most, I can always use tips, and branching out is good.

 I got this black hoodie back before I was pregnant with Chloe. That means it's coming up on its 6th winter. I remember zipping it up over my very pregnant belly... it still droops in the front. It's got a few burn holes and bleach stains from working in the kitchen of Aroma's, the zipper is now a paper clip, and it's so thin that it probably doesn't do me any good... but it's still my main staple in chilly weather.

These boots. You don't even have to say it. They are awesome.

My sister just bought me these shoes. LOVE them.

I love me some hats. These are just a few of my favorites. I like to think they cover a few different genres... a newsie, a cloche, and a "crooner" as my dad calls it.

The polish on the left, "Smoke-N-Mirrors" is my staple. I just got the one on the right, "Honk If You Love OPI". When I put it on, my first thought was, "This looks like clotted blood." But it dries into a really deep plum... I love it already.

I just got this FREAKING. SWEET. belt today. The buckle is one I already had. I'm already imagining how many different buckles I can pair with this baby.

What are some of your Fall Faves?

Happy fall, folks!

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