Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post Irene

So, we survived Irene. More than survived... our street was barely affected. We didn't lose power. We didn't flood. All in all, to us, it felt like a really long, boring rainstorm. It seems like it was a waste of my hard earned energy, spent on fear, stress, arguments on whether we should leave or not, and batteries we didn't use (Walgreens will be getting those suckers back). I know it wasn't like that everywhere. My heart hurts for the people who lost family members, homes, property, even those who "only" lost electricity. I am so, so grateful that we were mostly just bored and antsy.

On that note, taking into account our bored-ness and antsy-ness, here's a list of things I learned during Irene:

- It takes 17 bobby pins and 1 hair tie to create a suitable "hurricane" hairstyle out of my short, layered hair. Meaning, it's washed and pinned up in a manner that can stay that way for a day or two before it starts to look unwashed. In case I wasn't able to shower.

- I hated losing cell reception more than I would have hated losing electricity. Sad but true story.

- Living on a lesser hub of a "big city" sucks for the lesser hub. Every news channel was covering exclusively in the "big city". Guess what, news anchors? People who live 30 minutes outside of Norfolk are in the middle of a hurricane too.

- My kids are hurricane pros. A must have character trait on the East Coast.

- I'm not going to say that all pine trees over two stories tall should be cut down, but... well. Maybe they should be.

- I don't like not being able to get in contact with my family.

- Just because you live in a "low-lying" area, and your family doesn't, doesn't imply that they are safer than you. Mine all lost power, and ended up at my house the next day just for air conditioner and hot food.

- Low Country Boil, meatball subs, sleepovers, and Apples to Apples with my family are probably the most fun anyone could ever have since the Garden of Eden closed for business.

How did you all fare through Irene? What are your hurricane stories and lessons?

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